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The units in Book 4 have been extended to eight lessons and contain increased reading and comprehension material.
The Bensons have moved to California, taking Janet with them to study at a drama school. We follow the lives of these familiar characters in the letters they exchange, which provide good models for FCE writing tasks.
In Lesson 3 Captain Nelson and his crew are off to India and Tibet in pursuit of a famous diamond. Vocabulary is further expanded in Lesson 4, which takes a light-hearted look at the history of various societies, while Lesson 5 looks at its modern counterpart.
Lessons 2 and 6 are devoted to reading: amusing, serious or theme-related stories with vocabulary extension and analysis.
Lesson 7 begins the Speaking and Listening tasks that students will encounter in the FCE exam, while Lesson 8 focuses on developing the necessary writing skills.


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Profile 4 (English Version)
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